Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Report

WRITE ME A REPORT. I've been writing one for two weeks now and I can't write it and I never will. So that's it I have to go to Lingva now. And I would also appreciate if this stupid cold would go away. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Boring one

Not like the rest of them were any better. I am writing this only not to break a promise to myself. If you remember I said I'll write a damn post every day, so here I am, doing what I said I will do huh. Even though I have nothing to say, not that I sometimes have, I just feel like writing, which is not the case right now. That was it, if I feel like doing something better anytime this evening I will delete this post and you will get your usual thing little blog. Arrivederci.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello there, there and back again. Whatever. This is how I make my promise and write more often. Such a great person. I took a quiz a few days ago, it was a 'Which font suits you best' and guess what... Yeah, it was Courier, although I expected Verdana. So in honor of his majesty Courier, this post is going to be written in guess which font, Comic Sans of course. Okay, stop being an idiot now. Looks like we have a new planet, huh? I wouldn't know, I'm too lazy to read the text.
Anyway, the thing for which I am here is that I have decided to write this crap every single day of the following week! Aren't you excited to hear that! Me too. I really wish I don't change my mind. So, that was about it for today, you should go check my new dailybooth update, I uploaded all the photos from the past four months which is great since I now have no fear of losing them! And they are quite good. So see you. Bye.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Good evening.

I made a greeting pyramid. Huh, how often do you see one of those?
So, while you, my imaginary readers, were doing whatever imaginary people do when you're not thinking of them - I, Katarina Savic, spent six days in hospital and did many more interesting things which now shape my life! And of course, I am now lying, since the most interesting thing that happened to me on the line of time from the last post is just going to hospital. Just forget those 'many more interesting things' - didn't happen. Anyway, the hospital experience was quite nice. I guess I was the only person there who actually liked being there. I mean what's not to like, free accommodation, free food, no parents, do you need more reasons? Does it not sound like a heaven on Earth? Not to mention the amount of free time you have... I read like five or so books and almost finished The Beatles biography, I set a non beatable high score on every single game on my phone, did tons of productive things (lying again for this one), but it was really nice, I liked it there. Now, I forgot to say why was it in the first place that I got to hospital! Well, I got Asthma. Or maybe should I say I have Asthma. Nevermind, let me explain that little thingy thing. Since I was a kid I always had these Spring Allergies and Chronic Bronchitis and everything, so I guess it wasn't really that unexpectable. I can't bother to write anymore, a friend of mine is having some kind of a nervous breakdown so I'm not in 'the mood' anymore. See you soon, at least I hope so. 


Monday, February 27, 2012

Stripe Whites

As you can see, the title of this post is clearly an allusion to The White Stripes. The band which, I can assure you will have absolutely nothing to do with the post itself.
So, I now see that no matter how hard I try to write this blog regularly, it doesn't really work and that is why I won't even try anymore. I will just write it when whatever whatever. 
News for today: I will might have to go through a surgical procedure, because something's wrong with my leg, but that is not important right now. What I wanted to say is that the snow is finally gone! No, not really, but it's still a good thing. 

I have now changed my mind and do not want to write any more, so sorry - this post was so promising. I will now go and read the nine-hundred-page The Beatles biography and then sleep. I also hope that I will write this blog some time soon again. Good bye!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

here comes the sun

no, not really. its ten damn centimeters of snow. and did i mention its freezing? funny how i have absolutely the same post every time theres snow around. one of our teachers said that if you dont like snow than you havent saved your inner child. well, then i guess im sorry for the kid. what can i do? snow is cold and wet, not to mention slippery and annoying when it starts melting. i mean, not that its not annoying when its not melting. 
and so, once again you (imaginary 'you' of course, not that anyone reads this shit, except for maybe jelisaveta, but it doesnt really matter) read about me complaining and beingstupidboringidiot as usual, so i think ill just end your suffering and go enjoy the joys of snow.

yours faithfully 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Internet on strike and a mouse (!!!)

Hey there! As you might have seen (or not, probably not), this site along with many others including the big mighty ones such as Google and Wikipedia was on strike yesterday. And that is because of the new US law, bill or whatever called SOPA, and the PIPA (protect intellectual property act). It is kinda complicated to explain, so if you want to know more about it feel free to check out this video (click) which pretty much explains it all in really simple language (by simple language I mean no technical terms, jargon and things like that). Basically it censors the internet, and that is what, I think you would agree, none of us wants to see happen. And it has already started. For example, megaupload has been shut down just earlier today and I am sure it will happen to many other sites as well. If you want it to stop, please sign these petitions:

By the way (THERE'S A MOUSE IN MY HOUSE!!!), as I was writing this post, I saw a MOUSE enter my room!!! Yesterday, my mother told me we had one in the house, but I didn't believe her as she tends to imagine thins, but now I'VE SEEN IT. And it's scary. I don't think I want to sleep in a house where there's a mouse sneaking somewhere under my bed or even worse ON my bed. It's really small, I didn't know they were that small. And I don't know what to do. I hope it left my room, although I know it's still here. I'm gonna go now, have a nervous breakdown or something. And we'll probably see each other again  this evening since I won't be sleeping thanks to this little mister in here (I still hope he left).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good night

My day went pretty much as expected. I played Sims for about half an hour and than it bored the carrots out of me so I didn't play the Sims anymore. Then I talked to my brother, who is retarded and thinks that Windows is the best OS. Nevermind. Then I went out for a coffee and had a tea instead. Talked about some separated twins who are actually Russian vampires with a disease called ass weasels (copyright mr Steven King). Their only wish is to get to know each other, but their parents died and they got sent to different countries or whatever and they tried to become Samurais but their disease was a problem at the Samurai academy so they then decided to become ninjas and so on... And the reason I am writing all these stupidities is that I cannot sleep and tomorrow is the first day of school after the winter holiday. And I want to sleep for carrots sake!
The Simpsons episode said that Europe is selling Greece on eBay. When I was younger  I always thought eBay  was actually called eBuy or something.
Okay good night, I almost forgot about this post, I am now, two hours after starting this post, feeling sleepy, so I won't risk ruining  the feeling. Good night!